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The Web Application Development Company Made for LDCs


LDCware Inc. applications feature industry-leading performance, functionality and unrivaled innovation. 

Discover our out-of-the-box solutions for everything from outage maps to secure customer forms.  Our development and custom solution experience spans three decades. Whether an out-of-the-box hosted solution or made-to-order webware, everything we do draws on deep LDC experience, and always with Ontario cyber security standards ingrained in our application designs and processes.


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Hosted LDC Solutions
Custom LDC APPs
Responsive LDC Micro Sites

LDCware Solutions at a Glance



Encrypted, web-based file storage solution. Keeps key documents secure and accessible to your team around the clock, and helps track versioning.

Infinite Outage 2020

the cost-effective outage mapping solution leveraging server auto scaling to keep your customers informed regardless of how big the outage is or the amount of traffic on your web site, and it’s packed with several customer-friendly features.

Server Vigil

24/7 server health check and notification system. Provides a single dashboard displaying all your internal and external servers/devices.


Web-based customer service forms compliant with privacy, security and accessibility standards.  Includes API to bridge with your internal systems.


Facilitates web-based document, process and compliance management. Multi-purpose – the engine behind Save On Energy Pool Saver . Ideal for safety certification tracking.

Retrofit Calculator

World-first Lighting and Retrofit ROI Calculator: Runs on a tablet, powered SBL in multiple markets prior to programs cancellation.

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